LYC/PATCH Summer Institute

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LYC/PATCH Summer Institute

Welcome to News Literacy! How might you incorporate News Literacy concepts into YOUR classroom?

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I teach photography and I would be interested in incorporating photojournalism and the power to teach photography, incorporating photojournalism and the power of images as they relate to history as well as current events.  Also, how images can be deceiving and also need critical thinking as well as reliable sources.  

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Great way to generate a discussion about analyzing historical sources. 

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The NewLiteracy concepts is very beneficial when I think about the importance of students developing critical thinking skills and understanding the credibility of sources--whether doing a research paper or finding credible sources for a current events assignments within an ELA/Social Studies class. 

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I was finally able to post after having to change my e-mail address and password. (Several times over)

I teach grade 6 ELA and Social Studies.  The ideas presented in the News Literacy class would be very valuable when I teach current events. yes

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I plan to use what I learned today when researching in the computer lab. Thank you for everything you shared with us today.