Unit 3 Assignment

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Unit 3 Assignment

For the last assignment, we ask you to pick a news piece (video, or print--available online) and create a "final exam" similar to the last quiz given in our course. 

Click here to download a copy of our most recent final exam. Use this as a model for your own deconstruction questions. 

We suggest that you use a Microsoft Word or other word processor to create your document. Be sure to include a link to the news article or video that you chose in your document. 

You will submit the piece as a resource on the DRC. Follow these directions to do so. 

1. Click here to open the "CREATE RESOURCE" page in a new window.

2. Enter a Title for your submission in the TITLE box. 

3. You do NOT need to upload an image. 

4. Set the "Material Type" as "Assignment"

5. You do not need to provide a link to an online resource. Keep that in your original document. 

6. Do not enter anything in the "Media Stream" or "Media Download" fields. 

7. Upload your document using the "File" field. Click "Choose File" to select the document, then click upload to upload it. 

8. You do not need to provide the "resource length", modify the "Rights" field, or change the "Advisory Statement" field

9. Enter a quick description of the piece. 

10. Skip the rest and click "SAVE"

That's it! Post any questions you have about this assignment in this forum. I will be checking it regularly for posts.