How You Can Support the Center for News Literacy

We need your help.

Not Just Money.

Your In-kind generosity is as important to us as in-cash.

The whole point of this site is to harness the creativity of the News Literacy community. Fresh examples ripped from the headlines make News Literacy the most exciting and relevant curriculum many students encounter. So When you see something, say something: copy the link and post it to our Facebook or Twitter stream, like this @News Literacy, CNN report on Jorge Ramos and “point of view” journalism on Univision. Great starting point for a classroom discussion of the “I” in VIA.

Or, if you’re not a social media maven, We’ve built an easy-to-use form. Click here to turn your “Aha!” moment into classroom gold.

Now, about cash…

Private donations  have been the accelerant as News Literacy has spread from Stony Brook in 2005 to universities and public schools across the U.S. and to Europe and Asia today.

All of the design, testing and distribution of Howard Schneider’s revolutionary course materials has been made possible by private donations, from $1.7 million to $50, spent frugally at a public university.

We’re not asking you to build us a shiny new office. We’re asking you to train the next generation of informed and empowered citizens: people who won’t be hoodwinked by opinion posing as journalism or anonymous online nonsense trying to pass as truth.


Make your gift online now to the Center for News Literacy in three simple steps: Enter your information, confirm your gift and receive a receipt of your transaction that you can print for your records.

When you make a gift online, your information is secure and encrypted via Secure Sockets Layers (SSL).


If you prefer to mail your gift, please print and complete a Center for News Literacy Donation Form and send it to:

Center for News Literacy

Attn: Director of Development, School of Journalism N4029 Melville Library Stony Brook University Stony Brook, NY 11794

Endowed Funds

Endowments are permanent funds that generate payouts year after year forever. Center for News Literacy endowments range from completely unrestricted funds, which can be spent on the greatest needs and urgent opportunities at the discretion of the Center’s administration, to scholarships and fellowships, endowed faculty positions or project-specific funds that support the Center’s major initiatives.

We welcome gifts of any size to existing endowments. If you are interested in establishing a new endowment with a minimum gift of $50,000 please contact the Director of Development, School of Journalism at 631-632-7403.

Bequests and Planned Gifts

You can make a powerful impact on the spread of News Literacy through a bequest or a planned gift. These charitable arrangements let you support us far into the future while providing potential tax and other benefits to you.

The simplest way to make a lasting difference is to remember the Center in your will. You can bequeath a specific amount or a percentage of your estate. Your bequest can provide unrestricted support for the Center or benefit a specific News Literacy initiative. It’s your choice.

If you wish to make a major gift without giving up the income during your lifetime, you may wish to consider establishing a charitable remainder trust or gift annuity. These gifts would pay income to you for a specified period of time, after which the assets are distributed to the Center for News Literacy to be used as you direct.

If you have questions or wish to explore options, please contact the Center for News Literacy and we’ll identify the right Office of Development expert at Stony Brook.


The Ford Foundation: Two grants, $385,000 total to fund the first national conference on News Literacy, and four summer programs on News Literacy for High School Teachers. Ford has also funded an online mini-course created by Center for News Literacy’s faculty and hosted by the Poynter Institute.

The MacArthur Foundation: One grant, $330,000 to help fund the Digital Resource Center.

The Leon Levine Foundation: One grant, $50,000.

The Atlantic Philanthropies: One grant, $25,000 total, to help fund the 2011 National News Literacy Conference.

New York Community Bank: Two grants, $20,000 total, to finance a News Literacy scholarship each semester for the outstanding final essay by an undergraduate at Stony Brook.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to discuss options for supporting the Center for News Literacy, please feel free to contact us.

Center for News Literacy Office


Center for News Literacy

Attn: Director of Development, School of Journalism

N4029 Melville Library Stony Brook University Stony Brook, NY 11794