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  1. News Lesson

    Unrest in Baltimore: A Lesson in Context

    " Hard to believe this is going on, as I keep saying, in a major American city... I don’t remember seeing anything like this in the United States of America in a long time..."-- CNN Anchor Wolf Blitzer as violence erupts on the streets of ...

  2. News Lesson

    Differing Perceptions of What is News in China and Hong Kong

    By Masato Kajimoto and Anne Kruger The University of Hong Kong Political structures vary widely between China and Hong Kong. While Hong Kong is officially part of China, it exists in a “one country, two systems” principle, with China being ruled as a ...

  3. News Lesson

    Identifying News Neighborhoods through the Trayvon Martin case

    August 28, 2012   Download the PDF of this lesson plan The shooting death of Trayvon Martin in February of 2012 was a major news story not only in Florida, but around the United States. In this lesson, students will be introduced to the News Literacy ...

  4. News Lesson

    Exploring the Power of Images through a look at Digital Forensics

    August 16, 2013 Is seeing no longer believing? How can we tell if the powerful images we see in the media are actual representations of reality? Or are they-- and we-- being manipulated in mysterious and unknown ways? An emerging field called digital ...