Jimmy Kimmel Tests People's Obama Knowledge in a Special 'Lie Witness News'

A segment from the March 12, 2015 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live which featured President Barack Obama as a guest. In preparation for the segment, Kimmel's staff created this segment of "Lie Witness News" to test the knowledge about the President to visitors of Hollywood. 

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When teaching about "Own Bias" you can run into a little resistance from students who place a great deal of stock in the idea that memory can be trained to be a purely digital-type recorder of clear-eyed perception.

We grabbed this video and added it to the DRC's treasure trove as a way for teachers to, with humor, open students' minds to the idea that people are highly suggestible.

While some of the people Kimmel interviews may be playing along, you can see how false memories get planted.

Once students have watched this video and had a good laugh, open the discussion with questions:

- Have you ever seen this in real life?

- What do you think is influencing these interviewees to say they know or remember these "facts"?

- Are there family memories or memories of friends of yours that you have discovered are a little off (or a lot!)?

- If memory is alterable, is perception also subject to influence?

- Based on this video, what concerns might you have about eye-witnesses as the source of historical writing?

-What about eyewitnesses in criminal cases?

- What about eyewitnesses in news reporting?