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  1. CNL News Lesson

    The Phrase "Islamic Terrorism" and the Power of Words

    As the White House hosted its February 2015 summit on the multinational clash with the militant group that calls itself the Islamic State, President Barack Obama found himself in a war of words — or, to be more precise — a war about words. His critics, ...

  2. CNL News Lesson

    Chicago Defender News Literacy Curriculum Lesson 2- The Great Migration

    Note:  Parts of this lesson may require a subscription to an online database of historial newspapers, including the Chicago Defender. Your local library, such as the Chicago Public Library may offer online access to these articles with the use of your ...

  3. CNL News Lesson

    Making sense of the campaign: Why Donald Trump is big news

     Download this lesson as a PowerPoint Presentation   SERIES:   Making sense of the campaign / Lessons in News Literacy. Drawing upon the 2016 presidential campaign for examples, this series of teacher's guides provides everything instructors will ...

  4. Presentation

    Lecture 3- The Mission of the American Press S2015 Powerpoint Presentation

    The Powerpoint presentation used with Lecture 3- The Mission of the American Press. Updated February 2015.  Presentation Powerpoint Presentation lecture_3_mission_of_press_spring_2015.pptx Do Not Display English Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY ...

  5. Course Building Materials

    Vietnamese News Literacy Manual