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    Fact-checking in the Digital Age- Lesson from JEA

    In this lesson, students learn about the importance of fact-checking in journalism. To explore the practice, students identify and view information with a critical eye for accuracy and learn to use online resources to verify facts. This is the third ...

  2. U.S. Partner Resource

    Just the Facts, Ma’am- Lesson from JEA

    Students learn about the ethical mandate that requires news to be free from personal opinion. Students will learn to identify common statements of opinion. This is the fourth lesson in a weeklong unit on News Literacy.  U.S. Partner Resource 4_finding ...

  3. U.S. Partner Resource

    When Journalists Must Advocate for Themselves- Lesson from JEA

    Students will evaluate a July Fourth front page that advocates for freedoms and for a critical awareness of government actions. Then, after reading background information and Facebook discussions about the role of the newspaper and the purpose of page one ...

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    Model Syllabus for Latino-Oriented News Literacy Lessons in Spanish

    A syllabus for a Spanish-language News Literacy course that  focuses on the use of Latino-oriented media. Each lesson is designed to build the News Literacy skills taught at Stony Brook University. U.S. Partner Resource model_syllabus_lonlit_spa.doc Do ...

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    Apoderamiento ciudadano a través de la lectura crítica de medios

    U.S. Partner Resource apoderamiento_ciudadano_a_traves_de_lectura_critica_de_medios.pdf Do Not Display Spanish Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA)US- SouthThe Center for Freedom of the Press in Puerto Rico College/University, Community ...